Welcome to Fluids2015_NUAA!
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        From its origins as a tool primarily for use in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and chemical engineering, the application of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics has spread to a wide range of other fields, such as micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), bio-engineering, nano-technology, and so on. Many advances have been made in the computational and experimental fluid dynamics such as on the turbulence modeling, flow stability, flow visualization and measurement, development of efficient numerical methods for CFD, micro- and nano-flow study, bio-fluidics, moving boundary flow problem, unsteady flow study, lattice Boltzmann method and its application, meshless method, solution-adaptive approach, immersed boundary method, fluid-structure interaction and energy conversion system. The theme of this conference is to highlight the current advances and future research and development in physics of fluids with primary focus on the connection between fundamental research and engineering applications. The conference aims to assess the current status and to identify the future priority and directions in research and applications of computational and experimental fluid dynamics.

    There is a mini symposium of Advances in Materials as the part of the symposium which covers recent advances, development, and future trend in materials design, synthesis and utilization. It provides a rare opportunity to share your experiences with other renown scientists to build net works for collaborations. The topics cover but not limited to energy storage materials, energy harvesting materials and system, design and application of carbon-based nano-structured materials, biomaterials, inorganic and organic materials for advanced functional applications.

    The conference will provide an ideal platform and excellent opportunity for researchers and experts to exchange their research ideas and practical experiences. The conference will be held in Xining (西宁).
As the mail system of NUAA is under maintenance, all relevant matters of this conference, including the inquiry of trip route and abstract submission, can be sent to this email: nuaa_ispf6@163.com.